Summer Creating

As a teacher I am blessed with (and need) a long summer vacation. I tend to spend my time visiting my parents for a large part of it. While at my parents I always plan to spend a great deal of time creating and now selling jewellery on ETSY.  As a result I not only pack up my clothes, cat and left over food from my fridge,  I pack my jewellery making supplies as well.  That means at least three trips to the car, fortunately I have an elevator in my building.  I put all my supplies in totes and use a dolly to get them downstairs.  Upon arriving I usually try to get my dad to help me unload, and he graciously helps.  Yay for dads!  This year I have taken over the dining room.  I’m assuming mom wasn’t planning on having company for the month of July, other than me that is.  I’ve spread out all over the table and floor.

The raw materials

It’s been great for creating new pieces.  I’m excited to post them on ETSY and show them at the craft show I’ll be attending this summer (Art on the Farm).

Creating while on vacation

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